June 21, 2022 03:40

Work on a design plan study to guide future growth and improvements on Diamond Lake Boulevard/Oregon 138 East is underway, after the City of Roseburg recently initiated a project with the state and a consultant.

A statement said the project’s goal is to create a plan for the development of approximately a 3.5-mile stretch of the road.

As the first true design plan for the rural highway, the project would develop a plan for the city and developers to follow as this section of Roseburg transforms from an underdeveloped rural and former industrial area to become more urbanized. . The plan follows the Diamond Lake Urban Renewal Plan adopted by the city in 2018 and the start of construction of an apartment complex east of the city. The Oregon Department of Transportation will later install roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure around these compounds.

Roseburg Community Development Department staff had a kick-off meeting on June 2 with ODOT employees and the project’s transportation consultant, Kittleson & Associates of Portland.

The release says that working with the city’s input, the consultant will now spend the next eighteen months crafting the OR138E design concept blueprint by adapting a state design template for Roseburg. The project is expected to cost just under $370,000 and is funded by ODOT.

Future open houses and other outreach events will provide information on existing conditions, options for managing anticipated future growth and costs associated with various options, as well as determining what the community wants and supports.

For more information, call the Community Development Department at 492-6750.

Isabel M. Bourgeois