For Sale: An Architectural Design Firm Offers Buyers the Opportunity to Build on a Respected Legacy

AN award-winning North East architectural design firm has entered the market and is sure to attract interest from established professionals and new start-ups alike.

Gordon Henderson, of Redcar, founded GR Henderson Architectural Design over 30 years ago and has worked on projects throughout the Tees Valley.

Now he’s putting the thriving business, along with its strong customer base and large order books, up for sale.

The company won two awards at the Cleveland Council Design Awards for work carried out in Saltburn

Gordon said: “We want to market the business in a way that a buyer can come right in and pick up where we left off. We are fortunate to be in a position where the business is doing very well, and this would suit someone looking to grow their own business or someone who is just setting up shop.

Gordon, who entered the industry aged just 17, worked for architectural firms and local authorities across the North East, before starting his own business in 1990.

GR Henderson Architectural Design went on to win two accolades at the 2008 Cleveland Council Design Awards and left behind a succession of satisfied clients.

Echo of the North:

“We do all types of work,” says Gordon proudly. “Most architects tend to specialize, but we found there was a ready market for a multifaceted team, a team that could do it all. It’s a very wide range of work, but it seems to continue to grow. We are usually very busy.

“We talk about clients’ needs, guide them if they need advice, walk them through plans and drawings, and submit all documents relating to planning permissions and building regulations.

“Our philosophy has always been to make things simple for the client, follow their requirements and guide them through the process.”

But now Gordon is ready for a well-deserved retirement.

“Now is a good time to sell the business,” he says. “Because the work keeps coming in, it’s always incredibly busy, but the industry is changing fast.

“There’s huge growth potential for someone who wants to develop the social media side, for example, which we’ve never explored. But for someone who understands all of this, there is a huge opportunity.

The Northern Echo: Gordon's final project was nicknamed 'the Teletubby house' due to its resemblance to the home of children's television charactersGordon’s final project was dubbed ‘the Teletubby house’ due to its resemblance to the home of children’s television characters

While he’s ready to call it a day, Gordon has another project he’s very excited and proud to be working on: a house built into the side of a hill overlooking East Cleveland.

“We call it ‘the Teletubby house,'” laughs Gordon. “It’s a great project to end a career. It’s about 95% complete, and when it’s done, so am I. »

Gordon accepts the offers and inquires about buying the company. Anyone interested should contact him at [email protected] for more information.

Isabel M. Bourgeois